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Signature Items

A signature item is a unique item that identifies a geocacher. There are many forms of signature items such as geocoins, tokens, and calling cards. Often they are placed in caches as a way of marking that a geocacher has been to that particular cache.

Track Them!

Several cachers have trackable signature items. These signature items are meant to be kept and enjoyed. However, they also can be moved from cache to cache much like a travel bug.

Track digitalfish -

Track Other Signature Items and Coins

Collect Them!


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Signature Item Collections

Nurse Dave's Collection
Team Fisur's Collection

Create Them!

An inexpensive way to create unique signature tokens is through a process called "canework". Using polymer clay (FIMO, Premo, etc), you create a detailed design that is sliced into tokens and baked. You can see examples of this technique in some of the signature tokens of workerofwood, bullit, Marky & Joani and others.

Polymer Clay Tutorials

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