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Park Information

  Cache In/Trash Out

One goal of the GBA is to facilitate a dialog with our local parks and open space districts to foster a relationship that ensures that geocachers have an opportunity to use public lands without negatively affecting any parks.

Park Relations

Please start by reading Geocaching and Our Parks. This is an overview of geocaching, its benefits and impact on parks. This document can be reprinted for presentation to land managers. For information regarding our efforts with local parks and land use policies that have been developed please see Park Relations. In addition, please visit the Park Relations Forum for current discussions on the topic.


To protect sensitive habitat areas in our parks, most land use policies restrict off-trail usage. To assist geocachers in planning hikes we have compiled a set of ExpertGPS calibrated maps which can be used to plot waypoint locations. Please see Maps for a list of available ExpertGPS calibrated maps as well links for park information.


Cache In Trash Hout   Help clean up
    our world's forests
      one cache hunt at a time.

The Cache In/Trash Out program seeks to -

  • Actively promote the Cache In/Trash Out program – leave it better than you found it.
  • Assist in the maintenance of parks & trail systems
  • Increase public awareness of Geocaching
  • Help educate community on Low Impact Geocaching

For more information visit Cache In Trash Out.