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Geocaching Glossary

Geocachers of the Bay Area

Term Definition
CITO Cache In Trash Out, a program to clean up our trails
DNF Did Not Find
FTF First to Find. There can be quite a bit of competition to be the FTF on a newly placed cache.
Geocoin A highly collectable trade item. Many individuals and organizations have minted special coins commemorating caching. These are valued more than most trade items (and can be costly to produce). Geocoins may also be travel bugs/hitchhikers and should not be kept or traded for unless expressly permitted.
Letterboxing Another game, similar to caching, but without the use of a GPS. Letterboxes are listed on, and work much the same way as geocaches. Follow hints and riddles to find the hiding place. Typically involves using a personal rubberstamp to stamp log-book. Letterboxes also contain a special stamp with which you stamp your own log.
McToys Inexpensive trade items, generally used as a negative
Muggles A non-Geocacher
Newbie An inexperienced Geocacher (also “noobie” or “noob”)
PQ Pocket query
SBA Should be archived
STF, 2TF Second to find a new cache
Swag Trade items
TTF, 3TF Third to find a new cache
TFTC Thanks For The Cache!
TNLNSL Took Nothing, Left Nothing, Signed Log (and many variations…)
TPTB The Powers That Be. The principles at